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ProCrea – Assisted Reproduction Centre



Procrea is the center for assisted reproductive medicine in Lugano (Switzerland) operating also in Italy with specialized therapies for fertility, staff scientific competence and medical assistance guarantee for all couple wish a baby a comfortable location with highest level of specialization.

Procrea carries out a wide range of treatments, with a natural propensity to research the most innovative solutions ensuring the highest success rate. The centre performs IVF-ET, ICSI, ovodonation, intra-uterine insemination and cryoconservation for the preservation of fertility, and is also equipped with a selected semen bank.
Care for the person and assistance, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, make ProCrea a unique centre where medicine is at the service of the couple. Attention to the most advanced techniques and technologies of reproductive medicine and research make ProCrea a European reference point for heterologous fertilisation therapies; a cutting-edge centre with a team of over 50 professionals including doctors, biologists, geneticists, nurses and auxiliary staff. The ProcreaLab genetics laboratory and the ProcreaAndro andrological division for advanced diagnostic investigations complete the centre.

At ProCrea, innovation and care are at the service of fertility.

Piani di finanziamento

Una rete che pensa a tutto. Grazie alla collaborazione con i nuovi partner, ProCrea è in grado di essere ancora più vicina alle coppie per affrontare gli esami diagnostici e il percorso terapeutico. ProCrea mette a disposizione questi partner qualificati per sostenere le spese necessarie con piani di finanziamento personalizzati e tassi agevolati.