ProCrea | Assisted reproductions rates (Prices) | Lugano
ProCrea | Assisted reproductions rates (Prices) | Lugano

Fees for assisted reproduction

COSTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL TREATMENTS | Tel.: +41 91 924 55 55 | FROM ITALY AT NO EXTRA COST: +39 02 600 630 41

ProCrea's courses of treatment are personalised according to the needs of each couple and their specific characteristics. Therefore, the treatment costs vary significantly from one case to the next, particularly as regards the laboratory tests requested and the medicines prescribed.

General costs are indicated, treatment by treatment, in the pages of this section: our operators are nevertheless available to provide clarifications, advice and further details and may propose personalised approaches and quotes.


For fees and quotes for clients who are residents in Switzerland, please contact our operators directly.

The potential for our treatments to be recognised in whole or in part by the health insurance funds and with different methods from one to the next, it makes it very difficult to publish general fees that are valid for everyone.

We therefore prefer to study fees on a case by case basis, in order to allow us to provide personalised and accurate quotes.

Piani di finanziamento

Una rete che pensa a tutto. Grazie alla collaborazione con bFertile, ProCrea è in grado di essere ancora più vicina alle coppie per affrontare gli esami diagnostici e il percorso terapeutico. Attraverso bFertile, ProCrea mette a disposizione un partner qualificato per sostenere le spese necessarie con piani di finanziamento personalizzati e tassi agevolati.

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