ProCrea | IVF and ICSI rates - prices - costs | Lugano
ProCrea | IVF and ICSI rates - prices - costs | Lugano


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Cost of the first IVF or ICSI

With partner's sperm: 5.600 euro
With donor's sperm: 5.900 euro

What is included?
- Trial transfer
- Analysis and assessment of the seminal fluid
- Ovarian preparation and stimulation
- Egg retrieval
- Anaesthetist attendance
- Donor sperm (in the event of donor-assisted treatment)
- In vitro fertilisation
- Embryo transfer
- cryopreservation of the eggs for one year (EUR 300 for each subsequent year)
- Blood test for the determination of the level of BetaHCG

What is not included?
- Diagnostic tests for the couple prior to the treatment
- Any additional specialised tests requested by the doctor
- Drugs used during stimulation
- Any sperm cryopreservation (EUR 300)
- Any pregnancy tests
- Thawing and subsequent transfer
- Selection of the spermatozoa using the MACS method: Euro 250
- Blastocysts culture: Euro 400
- Preimplantation screening: PGD or PGS
- Biopsy for PGD or PGS analysis + vitrification Euro 500.- (up to 2 blastocysts)
- Biopsy for PGD or PGS analysis + vitrification Euro 150.- (for each additional blastocyst)

Cost of subsequent full cycles within one year

Second IVF or ICSI cycle
With partner's sperm:5.300 euro
With donor's sperm: 5.600 euro

Third IVF or ICSI cycle
With partner's sperm: 5.000 euro
With donor's sperm: 5.300 euro

Piani di finanziamento

Una rete che pensa a tutto. Grazie alla collaborazione con bFertile, ProCrea è in grado di essere ancora più vicina alle coppie per affrontare gli esami diagnostici e il percorso terapeutico. Attraverso bFertile, ProCrea mette a disposizione un partner qualificato per sostenere le spese necessarie con piani di finanziamento personalizzati e tassi agevolati.

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