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ProCrea | Stem Cells Cryopreservation | Lugano
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Cryopreservation of stem cells

ProCrea Stem Cells

E-mail: | Tel.: +41 91 924 55 55 | FROM ITALY AT NO EXTRA COST: +39 02 600 630 41

ProCrea offers a service that consists of the cryopreservation of stem cells contained in the umbilical cord for autologous use, for exclusive and private use of the donor. ProCrea has chosen for you the most advanced and trusted laboratories for the preservation of your child’s stem cells on Swiss territory.

For any kind of information, do not hesitate to contact us on the number +41 91 911 34 44.

Our consultant, Tanja Hutter, is at your disposal for any queries.

CALL +41 91 911 34 44
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