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Cryoconservation of the oocytes offers the possibility of preserving female fertility in the event of the pregnancy being postponed or in the case of having to protect the oocytes from the effects of anticancer therapies. By cryopreserving oocytes in liquid nitrogen at the ProCrea laboratories, it is possible to carry out assisted fertilisation at the time considered appropriate. The oocytes can remain frozen for years and be fertilised when the decision is made to undertake the path of a pregnancy: their collection is painless and takes place with a brief operation under sedation.

After the age of 35, female fertility decreases dramatically. Nevertheless, children can still be conceived even at a more advanced age, thanks to the services offered by the ProCrea centre. A careful study of the ovarian reserve makes it possible to understand in which cases the oocyteria cryoconservation is appropriate.

The cost of the cryoconservation procedure is 3,900 euro and includes preparation for ovarian stimulation, the actual pickup, anaesthesia, and cryoconservation of the oocytes. For further details about the costs of cryoconservation please consult the specific section of the Tariffs for the service.

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