ProCrea | Assisted Fertilisation Meeting| Lugano
ProCrea | Assisted Fertilisation Meeting| Lugano
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Initial Consultation for Assisted Reproduction


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Knowledge and maximum trust are the basis of the journey that ProCrea’s medical staff and the patient undertake together. The initial consultation is key event in relation to a potential continuation with the various assisted reproduction treatments.

The couple talks about its medical history, presents previously done tests, any successful and unsuccessful treatments they have tried. The doctor assesses all the clinical information and material available, specific analyses and proposes treatment options. The doctor will answer questions and clarify doubts and fears.

Information is shared with the patients in a calm and supportive environment. Understanding and confidentiality are further crucial aspects on which ProCrea’s staff bases its operations; fully respecting the patients' privacy, the doctors are on hand to dispel all anxiety and fears, indicating the best treatments for each particular case.

ProCrea offers to its patients the opportunity to have the initial consultation on infertility problems also in Milan, Novara, Pavia, Vigevano e Taranto. It is possible and also recommended for the couple to have the initial consultation and treatments at ProCrea while maintaining the relationship with their current doctor. This is based on the assumption that the patients can seek specialized advice regarding infertility, while retaining the trusted services of their doctors.

It is also possible to have the initial consultation through video conferencing (via Skype or Facetime) at a cost of EUR 180 with one of our assisted procreation specialists.

You can schedule your initial consultation within just a few days, even on a Saturday.

The cost of the initial consultation is EUR 180.-..

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