ProCrea | Genetic Counselling for Fertilisation | Lugano
ProCrea | Genetic Counselling for Fertilisation | Lugano
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Genetic Counselling

The ProCreaLab experts at your disposal

E-mail: | Tel.: +41 91 924 55 55 | FROM ITALY AT NO EXTRA COST: +39 02 600 630 41

Thanks to the presence of the ProcreaLab Molecular Genetics Laboratory at the Procrea facility patients can have a consultation with the director of the laboratory, Dr Giuditta Filippini, for questions or clarifications regarding genetics, quickly and without having to make further trips.

Dr Filippini is available for explanations of various genetic tests, to illustrate results, to give indications about the implications of a genetic disease within the family as well as any risk of genetic diseases on offspring, to inform couples on pre-implantation diagnosis.

A specialist consultation with a medical geneticist is also available after a telephone appointment for individuation and specific diagnostic formulation regarding genetics.

For more information about genetic counseling, please contact the following telephone number:
+41 91 924 55 00
From 08.00 to 17.00 from Monday to Friday except public holidays.

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