ProCrea | Ovodonazione in Italia
ProCrea | Ovodonazione in Italia

ProCrea - Assisted Reproduction Center arrives in Milan and Taranto


E-mail: | Tel.: +41 91 924 55 55 | FROM ITALY AT NO EXTRA COST: +39 02 600 630 41

ProCrea arrives in Milan and Taranto. We want to be closer to couples and closer to those who want to have a child. In Lombardy and Puglia, we have opened a consulting service on infertility problems where couples can have their first interviews and start the path toward pregnancy.

ProCrea therefore expands its network which, starting from Lugano where the main headquarters with the laboratories is located, extends to Milan and Southern Italy. This network also includes the Le Betulle clinic laboratories of Appiano Gentile (CO) and other centres with which ProCrea actively collaborates.

The convenience of having a fertility consultant even closer to you does not take away from the guarantee of always being able to count on the professionalism of ProCrea. Couples will always have a single point of reference on their path to pregnancy. The doctor you meet in Milan and Taranto will be the same one who follows you through the indicated treatment.

Egg donation

The Milan and Taranto offices allow us to begin the path of reciprocal awareness with couples through the first interview. Furthermore, in cases of egg donation, the opening of the Milan and Taranto offices allows couples to complete the entire treatment in Italy with the professionalism of ProCrea accompanying them every step of the way. In fact, after the first interview and examinations, the embryonic transfer is done in ProCrea's partner clinic in Appiano Gentile (CO). .

In Milan you can find us on Via Guglielmo Rontgen 14 (Zona Bocconi) .
In Taranto you can find us on Via Plinio No. 87.

For telephone contact (from Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM):
Tel. +39 02 600 630 41

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