ProCrea | Trattamenti fecondazione assistita | Lugano
ProCrea | Trattamenti fecondazione assistita | Lugano

From infertility to pregnancy, to each their own decision


Infertility is a delicate, intimate, and difficult to accept topic. It is hard to talk about it and sometimes even to get help, thus losing precious time. For infertility there is no single solution: each case requires personalised answers. When a couple wants a child there is no single recipe: the path that is outlined for one couple may be totally ineffective for another. What makes the difference is the approach. ProCrea, the Centre dedicated to Reproductive Medicine, stands out as an international reference point for fulfilling the dream of pregnancy. The 1,800 square metres of the new, modern headquarters - housing six medical studios, embryology and andrology laboratories, two operating rooms, with seven post-op rooms and the molecular genetics laboratory ProCreaLab - are structured to accompany couples on their journey towards the birth of a child. Testifying to which are the over 2,000 children born in the last 7 years who have transformed the hopes of as many couples into children to be hugged and cared for.

Since January 2018 ProCrea has also become part of the NextClinics network, an international group specialized in the supply of services for reproductive medicine.

The procedure that leads to pregnancy is not just a medical procedure; it is a journey that the couple goes on. It is therefore essential for them to feel at home. ProCrea has invested heavily in the reception network with highly trained staff dedicated to accompanying patients both inside and outside the clinic, right from the first meeting with the doctors - because good communication between doctors and patients is the basis of the patients’ well-being - up to the organisation of the times.

It all starts with listening: the first contact with the couple allows not only for obtaining a complete history, but it is also the beginning of a pathway of trust between the doctor and the patients, between the entire staff of ProCrea and the future parents. Mutual knowledge is an important element for being able to walk together and arrive at a diagnostic picture that is as complete and precise as possible.
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ProCrea is one of the few centres dedicated to PMA that also houses an accredited molecular genetics laboratory; this allows not only to quickly perform genetic analyses aimed at studying the infertility with avant-garde techniques, but also to avail of a staff of biologists who carry out intensive research in collaboration with prestigious universities and international institutes. Indeed, ProCreaLab is a diamond dedicated to research and high technology, specialised in molecular genetic analysis in assisted reproduction and fertilisation processes.
Starting from an in-depth diagnosis it is possible to implement the most appropriate therapy. Screening of the polar globule, genetic matching to identify over 600 recessive genetic diseases, but also the selection of the male semen: these are but a few of the analyses we propose not only to facilitate pregnancy, but also to safeguard the health of the child. There is a 360° approach to the therapies: from simple insemination, to in vitro fertilisation, up to and including when necessary, heterologous fertilisation with donor semen - drawing from a selected semen bank – as well as going down the road of ovodonation. The therapeutic choice is made in a targeted manner depending on the type of couple and following the principles of gradual application techniques, starting from the less invasive to those entailing greater biotechnological complexity.

The advances in medicine and biology allow us to more easily identify the causes, and starting from the causes, to inform couples of the possible solutions for fulfilling their dream of becoming parents.