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Medically assisted procreation does not only involve assisted reproduction techniques. In cases that are considered suitable, the couple is guided towards natural reproduction, in which the intervention of the specialist is limited to inducing ovulation in the woman in order to identify the most fertile time. According to a fertility calendar, it will therefore be possible to have scheduled intercourse with greater probability of success.

The chances of success with this method varies depending on the causes of infertility, the age of the patient, the quality of the seminal fluid and the type of stimulation used. The technique also requires significant personalization.

The specialist establishes the type of medication to be used for the ovarian stimulation and its dosage, calibrated according to the needs of each patient, based on her particular characteristics.

The specialist sets up the necessary ultrasound scans and analytical examinations to follow the evolution of the ovarian stimulation with variable frequency depending on each individual.

The treatment methods and costs depend on the number of consultations and examinations necessary to develop the most functional approach and optimal conditions for procreation.

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